Lsos Commons

The Lsos Commons is a financial solution designed for small to medium-sized open source projects. It works as follows:

  • As an open source project, you apply to join the Lsos Commons and, if the Lsos organization accepts your project, you add the Lsos Commons clause to your existing license; you are now an Lsos Commons project and the Lsos remunerates all maintainers of your project. Full-time maintainers get a remuneration comparable to a full-time engineering job in the industry.
  • As a large company, to be able to use Lsos Commons projects, you have to pay a fee every month to the Lsos organization. The fee is the same whether you use a single or all Lsos Commons projects. For individuals, small to medium-sized companies, and nonprofits of any size, Lsos projects are free.

We are currently determining the fee so that it is low enough to be insignificant for large companies but high enough to remunerate the maintainers of Lsos Commons projects. The fee shouldn't be a decisive factor when a large company chooses between an Lsos project and a free project — Lsos Commons projects stay accessible.

Although they are, from a legal perspective, forced to financially contribute, we tolerate and never sue the large companies who infringe the Lsos Commons license clause. Instead, we continuously remind large companies who forget to pay their fee, with kindness but insistence. Most large companies are willing to pay a small amount fostering their open source dependencies to remain alive and healthy.

As an open source project, all you have to do is apply and add the Lsos Commons clause to your existing license — we take care of the rest.