In the short term, we design financial solutions for open source projects that struggle to become financially sustainable and independent. In the long term, we envision the ubiquity of open source as new financial models emerge. We belive in a future of financially sustainable open source alternatives to most software including Facebook, Zoom, or AWS.

The open source movement originated in the late '90s from a longing for a trade-off between the Free Software Fundation (FSF) uncompromising vision and a more practical and commercially-minded stance. We sympathize and espouse FSF's vision of a society of freedom, but we believe that permissive licenses and bringing open source and financial values together is the next step to achieve FSF's vision.

Photoshop is a proprietary software and yet has had a substantial impact in the graphic design industry and virtually all graphic designers swear only by Photoshop. Not despite but because of being proprietary; giving it the financial resources it needs. In a sense, we can be glad that Photoshop went proprietary, as open source alternatives fall short in comparison they simply don't have the same financial resources. We design financial solutions to bring together open source and the financial needs of elaborate software such as Photoshop.

Open source is of crucial importance for critical infrastructure code such as operating systems. Infrastructure code is under constant attack of oppressive governments and selfish interests, and open source is paramount in mitigating these threats. We design financial solutions to ensure the financial independence of infrastructure code.