We enjoy our work. With enjoyment we mean the following: if you’d receive 10 million dollars tomorrow, would you then quit or continue working? If you would continue, then we consider that you enjoy your work.


We enjoy our work because we intimately know that what we do has a positive impact. To us, our work is always a means to an end. We look for people that intuitively maximize impact (instead of maximizing praise and recognition).


We are confident because our experience has shown that we are able to achieve audacious goals. We call this “true” confidence: not an inborn confidence but a confidence that has been gained through experience. We look for people that espouse bold goals and drastic solutions.


Major decisions and their raison d'être are written down and made available to each member of the Lsos in order to mitigate self-interests and politics. We are exploring the possibility of exposing our financials to the public in order to ensure alignment of our actions with our mission.

Work–life balance

To the question whether working with us makes you happy, the answer should be yes most of the time. If the answer is no too often then we talk about it. You need a break? That's totally fine, just let us know how long you'll be away. You want to reduce your hours? That's usually also totally fine; most of our jobs are available as part-time positions. In our experience satisfaction is a prerequisite for sustained effectiveness.

Keeper test

We believe in the “keeper test”: if someone was thinking of leaving us, would we try to keep them from leaving? If someone doesn’t pass the keeper test then we openly discuss the problems and try to find a solution. Those for whom we can’t find a solution are given a severance package. We see employment as a professional symbiosis where both employee and employer blossom. The keeper test is a prerequisite for mutual blossoming.

Great Team

Hiring only great people leads to contagious enjoyment and focus; being part of a great team can be the thrill of a professional lifetime.