Getting Started

  1. Contact us and we will create you an account.
  2. [Optional] We recommend opening a GitHub issue letting your community know that you want to use the Lsos. For example wildcard-api#56.
  3. Add the Lsos library. (We only support JavaScript for now.)
        import { verify } from "lsos"; // npm install lsos
          // Your project name
          projectName: "My Open Source Project",
          // The npm package that includes this `verify()` function
          npm: "my-open-source-project",
          // Never block users, show a `console.warn` instead.
          onlyWarning: true,
    We recommand to use the onlyWarning flag at the beginning and remove it at a later point. With onlyWarning: true, the Lsos library will never block your users from using your code.


  4. [Optional] Add an Lsos label to your readme/website.

Larger projects will see a warning saying that an activation key is required. Smaller and open source projects don't need any activation key and won't see any warning (more infos here).

Your code needs to be MIT licensed. If you are using another license then contact us.